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August 6, 2013adminUpdates0

Minister Abdullahi Mohammed Omar said that the meeting discussed many developemental factors, in particular, a new initiative called ‘New Deal’, which will will be applied by the E.U regarding many African countries on aspects that include the economy, politial progress and security. The Somaliland Foreign Minister continued to add that future assistance from the E.U will continue along national strategies and planning, while also confirming that talks will continue, in the near future..

E.U Envoy Michele Cervone D’Urso said “I had very useful discussion with President Silanyo regarding the New Deal process and the engagement of Somaliland in the deal. The New Deal will be the framework for the Government for the coming 3 years lining out the main priorities and the financial instruments. We will have a conference in September, in Brussels that will allow the International community to pledge support to the New Deal. There is committment from the Somaliland Government for the process.

The people of Somaliland have established a peaceful and democratic state, which was appreciated in the speech by E.U Envoy, Michele Cervone D’Urso who added that “The ownership and leadership of the Government, Authorities and the people is key to the success of the New Deal process and we hope to gather in September to have a very open discussion where we can support your priorities and challenges.”

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